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Jenifer (Occupational Therapist)

Jenifer is a native of the pacific northwest and completed her undergraduate studies in biology and graduate studies in rehabilitative medicine at the University of Washington in 2007. Jenifer has a keen interest in physiology, wanting to comprehend the underlying forces that put our bodies at ease or into disease. Her attraction to Occupational Therapy is the holistic view of a person; the focus on a variety of  aspects that impact a persons’ well being as well as the elemental physical processes. This fabulous confluence  of the very small within the big picture is one of the reasons that occupational therapy is such a powerful tool.

The opportunity to work with children is valuable; the chance to assist in shaping young lives, to intervene early, is precious to Jenifer. Often a small adjustment early on in ones path has a profound impact down the line. Jenifer truly enjoy working with children from the wee baby to the teenager, this work is fulfilling and  fun!