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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy addresses difficulties with eating for a range of ages due to the oral motor, swallowing, and/or sensory processing difficulties preventing the child from adequately progressing with eating.

Infant feeding therapy is a holistic focus to support the success of nursing or bottle feeding and considers oral motor skill deficits including; swallowing, sucking and latching, positioningĀ  and sensory processing difficulties thatĀ  making feeding problematic. Feeding therapy also focuses on progressing an infant to purees and table foods as they develop oral motor skills.

Approaches used by our therapists during feeding therapy sessions include; The Sequential Oral Sensory Approach (S.O.S.), Food Chaining, and the Food Scientist approach. Feeding therapy focuses on progressing a child’s eating and learning how to have positive, relaxed, and playful interactions with both familiar and less familiar foods.