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Kids at Play Therapy was established with a vision to be accessible to the community and  provide quality pediatric therapy services. Our approach is nurturing, personal and collaborative as we partner with families to establish an effective treatment plan that meets the needs of the child and family. We offer a variety of therapeutic services from birth to young adulthood and our dedicated team strives to offer the best possible treatment. We help children reach their potential by facilitating development and participation in daily activities.

The owners of Kids at Play Therapy, Tanya and Michelle, embarked on a journey that has resulted in the opportunity to meet and work with many children and families within our community. We have much appreciation for all those whom Kids at Play Therapy has been fortunate to come to know.

Dr. Tanya O’Callaghan has 25 years of experience as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. With a passion for the well being of children, she brings clinical expertise from a diverse range of practice settings both local and international. Tanya has a broad range of clinical skills which influences her passion in serving families and children to improve participation and functional independence. Tanya values the relationships she builds with each child and their families , she is compassionate and believes in realizing potential and advocating for children to fully participate in their community. Outside of the clinic Tanya is dedicated to her own family and enjoys time being active in the beautiful Pacific North West.

Michelle Lim has strong roots in the community having grown up in the area Michelle started her professional career in the field of real estate but in 2009 a chance opportunity brought her to Kids at Play Therapy. With a passion for working with people, attention to detail and strong organizational skills, Michelle became an integral part of Kids at Play Therapy supporting the vision to provide pediatric therapy to children and families in the community. Michelle enjoys working with families and when not in the clinic is dedicated to her own family and all their activities.

Our dedicated team:

Allison (Occupational Therapist) Allison graduated from the University of Missouri in 2018 and moved to Washington with her husband. Allison has a passion for children which is evidenced by the opportunities she sought out to assist children in need, including babysitting, volunteering at church events, and mission trips to Guatemala, Thailand, and South Korea. Allison was drawn to work with children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders after working with this population as a graduate assistant at a clinic in Missouri. Allison enjoys working with children of all ages and has a passion for assisting individuals complete their daily occupations including play, self-care and social participation as independently as possible. Allison loves to learn and is continually looking for more opportunities to expand her knowledge within her profession. 

Corinne (Occupational Therapy Assistant) knew she wanted to work with children from a young age, and went on to graduate from Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in 2017. She was drawn to Occupational Therapy as a career because it has a holistic and encompassing scope that does not look at one small “problem” but at the whole person. She enjoys using a child’s strengths and preferences to help them achieve their goals and believes that in order to connect with someone, especially a child, we need to look at everything that makes up that individual and what drives and motivates them. Her favorite part about working with children is getting to know each child and walking alongside them while they work toward their goals through play sensory exploration, self-care and social skills.

Occupational Therapist

Frances (Speech and Language Therapist) Frances has been in the field of speech-language pathology for almost 10 years. She was born and raised in California, but moved to Washington with her husband and step-daughter. She started out as a speech-language pathologist assistant (SLPA), where she developed her therapeutic and interpersonal skills, and then got her licensed to become a speech-language pathologist (SLP). When she became an SLP, she had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations and different diagnoses; but her passion is to work with children and their families. She chose to work with the pediatric population for multiple reasons; one of the reasons being to improve current communication habits and shape new ones, that enables functional and purposeful language. Giving the child and their parents the tools and strategies that minimizes communication break downs and maximizes effective speech. Hearing and seeing parents being able to converse with their child without getting frustrated is such a rewarding feeling and knowing she was one of the reasons a child is better able to communicate gives her so much joy.

Kaara (Speech and Language Therapist) believes every child is unique and has their own strengths and needs. She enjoys getting to know each child’s personality and discovering how to help him or her develop new skills. Sometimes gains can be small or slow, but that does not make them any less meaningful. It is one of her greatest joys to make lasting changes in the lives of children and their families. Her goal is to create therapy activities that are both natural and rewarding and she has found movement and play to be powerful therapy tools that enhance learning and help new skills develop across environments and situations – you are more likely to find her on a swing or kicking a soccer ball than sitting at a desk. Kaara’s love for data and research drives her to implement evidence-based practices and research-driven therapy tools in creative and motivating ways from Karaoke to cooking classes. She works closely with therapists from other disciplines and find it essential to collaborate with other medical professionals, teachers, and families to develop holistic treatment plans.  Kaara’s special interests are Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders, Oral-Motor Speech Disorders, and Alternative-Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems.

Dana (Speech and Language Therapist) Dana has been a speech language pathologist since 2019. She has previously worked as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant for three years in the school district setting before working as a speech pathologist for an autism center and private practice settings. Dana works with a variety of disorders, but has a passion for working with individuals on the autism spectrum, implementing augmentative and alternative communication methods, and working with individuals with feeding and swallowing difficulties. Dana is fluent in American Sign Language and enjoys using a multi modal communication approach method during therapy. Dana believes everyone needs a voice to communicate and is determined to help all individuals find theirs. In her spare time Dana enjoys Zumba, swimming, kayaking, hiking, road trips, and watching football.

Jenifer (Occupational Therapist) is a native of the pacific northwest and completed her undergraduate studies in biology and graduate studies rehabilitative medicine at the University of Washington in 2007. She has a keen interest in physiology, wanting to comprehend the underlying forces that put our bodies at ease or into disease. Her attraction to occupational therapy is the holistic view of a person; the focus on a variety of  aspects that impact a persons’ well being as well as the elemental physical processes. This fabulous confluence of the very small within the big picture is one of the reasons that occupational therapy is such a powerful tool. The opportunity to work with children is valuable; the chance to assist in shaping young lives, to intervene early, is precious to her. Often a small adjustment early on ones path has a profound impact down the line. Jenifer truly enjoys working with kids from the wee baby to the teenager, she finds this work fulfilling and really fun!

Rebekah (Occupational Therapist) received her master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in May of 2017 (BOOMER SOONER).  She has experience working with the geriatric population in the home health setting and children of various ages and their families in an outpatient clinical setting.  Rebekah moved to Washington in the summer of 2019 for a change of scenery from the Midwest and to continue her passion of working with children.  This passion flourishes from the philosophy that pediatric occupational therapy focuses on supporting each child to reach their full potential by providing strategies, building on their strengths, and collaborating with the family and other professionals involved in the child’s life. Rebekah has a gentle, fun-loving, and enthusiastic personality that keeps children engaged and motivated to work on the skills they need to succeed in everyday life.  Rebekah loves using a playful, creative, and multi-sensory approach to help children thrive!

Emily (Occupational Therapist) moved to Washington in March, 2019 and enjoys hiking, reading, soccer, and most outdoor activities. Like most kids, Emily also enjoy games and play.  Emily’s hope is for kids to have fun with play and feel more successful in their play through developing the motor, cognitive, and/or sensory processing skills, necessary to become more independent. Her hope is also for kids to feel successful and confident at home, school, and in relationships with family and friends. She loves to continually learn, whether it be related to therapy or the many documentaries she watches about Planet Earth and animals.

Jamie (Occupational Therapy Assistant) become interested in occupational therapy early on in high school and pursued this career knowing her passion was to work in a pediatric setting. She is thankful to have been introduced to occupational therapy and strives to support children in reaching their potential everyday. She works with children to build on their strengths and provide them and their families with therapeutic strategies to implement in their everyday life. Jamie strives to engage children in activities that are meaningful to them and their families, she truly values the work she does to support a child’s development. Jamie loves spending time with her own family when not at work having a young child of her own Jamie knows the importance of family.

Samuel (Occupational Therapist) graduated from West Virginia University in 2019 and moved to Washington with his wife one month after their honeymoon. Samuel developed a passion for serving children during mission trips where he visited orphanages and spent time with children with special needs in developing countries. This interest was further cultivated during his pediatric rotation at an out-patient clinic in West Virginia where he learned new techniques and strategies to assist children and families meet their goals. He enjoys creating strong therapeutic relationships with the children he sees in an effort to develop trust to help foster growth and development in areas of need. He has special interests in children with autism and teens who struggle with daily skills and emotional regulation. Samuel is eager to learn and continue to become the best occupational therapist he can be.

Lisa (Occupational Therapist) has been practicing occupational therapy since 1981 and has worked with all populations from infants to geriatrics. Over 30 years of her experience have been in pediatrics with an emphasis on feeding and swallowing. Lisa recently relocated from California with her husband, where she had been working in early intervention in-home, some small clinics and a children’s hospital.  Lisa found working in the home very rewarding.  “You treat the whole household and learn so much about how to help their child function in a real life situation.” Her goal has been to help the family and child achieve functional goals and perform occupations of everyday life the best they can. The best part about OT is that you get to help people achieve function as best as they can. Lisa has three terrific kids who can tell you anything you want to know about OT! Lisa enjoys walks with her husband, jogging, her new puppy, gardening, and visits from her kids.

Sarah (Physical Therapist) is a Washington native, a Husky at heart (graduated from UW for undergrad studies) and transferred Trojan by force (graduated from USC, physical therapy school in 2017). Sarah pursued physical therapy with the vision to combine a love for science and the human body with working with children and helping others. Sarah has experience in both adult orthopedic and pediatric outpatient settings, but has a passion for working with smiley kiddos and making therapy ‘fun’ while achieving functional outcomes. Sarah has experience working with children of all ages and various neurodevelopmental and orthopedic diagnosis, that include, but are not limited to, ASD, toe-walking, torticollis/ plagiocephaly, developmental delay, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and post-op rehab. Sarah has been trained in aquatic therapy, k-taping, orthotic management, wheelchair management, and behavior management. Sarah feels blessed to be a part of each child’s progress and have an opportunity to provide guidance towards each child’s success, no matter how big or small the step may be. During her free time, you can most likely find her playing with her dog Baemax, baking in the kitchen, or hiking to an amazing viewpoint.

Patti (Administrative Assistant) attended Walla Walla Community College and completed an Associate’s Degree in Office Administration specializing in Medical/ Clinical Administration. Patti has experience working in managerial office environments for both non-profit and for profit organizations. Patti has a passion for working with families and spent 19 years at Boyer Children’s Clinic, she was excited to bring her experience to Kids at Play Therapy which is closer to home. Patti’s organizational skills facilitate assist families in getting established with therapy services and navigating insurance. Patti strives to make sure families are able to access therapy services for their children. When not at work Patti enjoys spending time with her family.


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Our Services

Our therapists have completed training in:

  • Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing
  • DIR/ Floortime
  • Feeding and oral motor skills
  • Neurodevelopmental treatment approaches
  • Pediatric splinting
  • Integrated Listening (iLs) -basic and advanced
  • Treatment of infants with feeding difficulties
  • Treatment of infants with torticollis
  • Orthotics management
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